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About Us

Closet Punarvi is an initiative by YouTuber Sahaja Madhuri. Punarvi means 'reborn' and this page was started with the thought of giving a new lease to unused clothes and enable sustainability.

Weavers, tailors, and designers put in a tremendous amount of work into creating an outfit, and trends change so fast that so many of these outfits are hardly worn once or twice. In our pursuit of dressing according to the latest fashion trends, our closets and cupboards get filled with clothes and the planet is paying a high price for this.

The idea behind this venture was to start a platform that enables these beautifully designed clothes to have a second chance to shine. This is a space where both buyers and sellers can connect and sell and shop for clothes, they can save effort, nature, time, and money. Punarvi is a sustainable platform and an attempt from our side to help others thrift Indian ethnic wear and give back to the environment even if it is in a minuscule way. Customers will not only have the power to create change, but they will also find awesome deals on all the latest trends. Happy Shopping!